Leona Dulce

Leona Dulce

Chief Editor

Ok, if you are here, you want to find some information about me. Yeah, I’m Leona Dulci, I live in Nebraska, and in the past, I was an amateur porn actress. But I’m totally disappointed with the current state of regular porn.

Yeah, you still can find my old videos on sites like Pornhub and others. Yeah, I know they’re awful and not worth your time. But this part of my life is now behind me. Currently, I'm a professional cam actress. And what I do is different from porn.

I spent more than two years on dull porn, and then I found the awesome world of the cam sites. So yeah, I’m experienced and slutty. And for the last ten years, I have shown my pussy to the chosen guys for a couple of dimes. And sometimes, new girls ask me about the right platform.

This experience gave me the idea to create this site. It would save time and nerves of girls and boys. Girls will find here a proper and clear place with proper offers, which will help them start their adult careers without additional risks.

And boys will find here information about really great sites, full of tits, cunts and without any scams. So yeah, now I spend my free time writing articles about worthy sites. Most of them are popular and famous. But maybe you didn't know about their existence. Yet!

And of course, as a professional cam actress, I communicate with the teams of these sites. And sometimes I can get special promotions for you. I rate all these platforms to save your time and money.

And of course, on some of these sites, I have an account as a performer, so if you wanna watch my best, you can find me there and ask for a private show.

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